‘Mid Summer Nights’ eyeshadow palette: review

The ‘Mid Summer Nights’ eyeshadow palette from W7 is a nine shade palette consisting of a variety of browns as well as deep reds and purples. Recently W7 has become one of my favourite brands; I haven’t tried any of their skin or lip products however I adore their eyeshadows and their brow kit is one of my new favourite products. I think they’re incredibly high quality but also very affordable, so they’re great if you’re on a budget. This palette is perfect for me as I tend to use neutral brown shades on a daily basis, however there’s a lot of different looks that can be created with this palette so if you only own one eyeshadow palette, this is a great one to go with. It has a mixture of matte and shimmer shades so its very versitile and therefore great for creating both day and evening looks. I also love the packaging, it’s fairly basic, however it’s very small and compact which makes it perfect for travelling or keeping in your handbag (which is why I’m not a huge fan of large palettes).


The shades aren’t named or numbered, but these are the first three shades from the top row of the palette; there’s a metallic gold, a pale shimmery pink, and a pale matte brown. All the shadows in the palette are very smooth and are very pigmented as well which I wasn’t expecting seeing as the palette is so cheap, so it’s great if you love strong colours. The pale pink and the brown shade here are ideal for creating a natural look if you apply the pink colour on your lids and then the brown in the crease, so these colours are very wearable even if you like your makeup to be as subtle as possible. I also love the gold shadow as warm golds compliment my skin tone and it’s a great option for a night out look.


These are the next three shades (in the middle row); there is a shimmery metallic bronze, a dark matte brown, and a shimmery grey/black. I love to wear the bronze shadow with the metallic gold colour in the row above as this creates a summery evening look and the shades compliment each other perfectly. The shimmery black shade is also perfect for a smokey eye for a night out (showing that this palette can be used to create looks for all occasions) and is incredibly pigmented so it can also act as eyeliner. The dark brown shade is a great alternative to the pale brown shade in the row above if you have a darker skin tone or just want to create more intense defintion in your crease, plus it’s matte so it still looks relatively natural and could be worn with the gold eyeshadow to create a more wearable bronze smokey eye.


Finally, the last three shades consist of a medium matte brown, a shimmery red and a shimmery plum colour. This brown is probably my favourite brown shade in the palette as it still defines your crease however it isn’t too dark so it doesn’t look to harsh on my skin tone, and it blends effortlessly into my crease (as do all the shadows in this palette). The red and the plum shades are also some of my favourites; both of them combined create an edgy, grungy look (also showing this palettes versitility) which I’m loving at the moment, and the fact that they are shimmer shadows means they add more dimension to your makeup and stop it looking to flat which is great as I find colours such as red can sometimes look a bit dull.

The shadows last all day when a primer is used before hand and I haven’t had any problems with fall out. Overall I love this palette and would definitely recommend it; the quality is high, it’s great for on the go, and the selection of colours is brilliant as you can create so many different looks with them depending on your style. If you buy just one drugstore eyeshadow palette, I would make it this one.

W7 Mid Summer Nights Palette is available here:

*Just a note; I haven’t been posting a lot recently because I’ve been feeling a bit drained and have gotten out of the habit of writing, but I hope to start writing more again now*


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