Jessica Rabbit makeup transformation


A couple of months ago one of my favourite makeup artists on Youtube, Jbunzie, uploaded an amazing Jessica Rabbit makeup tutorial. A lot of tutorials for Jessica’s look are either very bold and cartoon like, or just ‘inspired looks’ with a purple eye and red lip meaning they don’t actually look like Jessica. However Jbunzie created Jessica’s high arched brows and pouty red lips in such a soft, flattering way (whilst still looking cartoon like), so I think hers is definitely the best tutorial out there if you want to look like Jessica Rabbit for a cosplay event. I tried recreating this look just for fun (and because I love Jessica Rabbit) so this is a very short tutorial, and of course full credits go to Jbunzie who has a more in depth tutorial on her channel, and who does a much better job at this makeup look than me!

-First, apply your foundation, concealer and powder as usual

-Conceal the eyebrow and draw the outline of your new eyelid using a white eyeliner pencil . This was very difficult seeing as I have dark hair so if you have either black or deep brown hair this step may take a bit of time; I couldn’t cover my brows completely with concealer so I added the deep purple eyeshadow over them to help mask them

-Next apply mid purple shadow all over the lids and a deep purple shadow on the outer corner and along the outline of your drawn on eyelid and blend well. Apply a line of shimmering white eyeshadow along the center of the lid and to the inner corner to give your eyelids a 3D affect

-Apply a black liquid eyeliner and wing it out, and then apply false eyelashes. Finish off with mascara to blend your natural eyelashes with the false ones

-Draw on a new eyebrow using a brown/auburn colour above your eyelid (mine isn’t really in line with my newly drawn eyelid because I’m not good at drawing freehand so if I did this look again I would map out the eyebrow with white eyeliner before I draw it)

-Contour your nose by creating an upside down triangle on the tip and blending it out well. Also apply a dot of highlighter in the centre of the triangle

-Finally apply a red lipstick, and contour your lips by using a darker red shade to line your lips and a white highlighter on the centre of your lips and your cupids bow. Finally apply a generous amount of clear lipgloss. I used a deep pink lipstick with red undertones instead of a pure red colour as I’m not a huge fan of very intense red colours

the finished look
after editing

And this is the finished look. I edited on the red hair using a makeup/hair app (the app isn’t brilliant but it was the only option seeing as I have no photoshop skills whatsoever) to look more like Jessica. I’m not a makeup artist so I certainly don’t look as amazing as Jbunzie but this was definitely fun to try out. Thanks for reading!

Jbunzie’s Youtube channel:

Jbunzie’s Jessica Rabbit makeup tutorial:


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