Why I’m pro choice

Pro choice: a sociopolitcal movement supporting the view that women should have the legal right to an elective abortion.

Pro life: an anti-abortion movement containing elements opposing elective abortion on moral grounds, supporting it’s legal prohibition.

I have, and always will believe that women have the right to an abortion, and a man (yes, I’m looking at you Trump) should never be able to take away her legal right to choose what she does with her reproductive organs. Pro life activists often say they have the moral high ground as it is cruel to kill a ‘child’ and that we do not have the right to take away a life. I agree that there should probably be a cut off point; I don’t know enough about foetal development to say when, however if the fetus is developed enough to have a fully functional nervous system and have human characteristics then it can be seen as cruel to kill it. But before this point, women should have every right to an abortion- pro life activists only consider morality as keeping the fetus alive, however they never consider the life of the woman carrying it, let alone the circumstances the woman and the fetus are in.

Many women choose to have abortions as screenings and tests have shown that their baby will have an incredibly severe disability or health issue. Pro life activists often criticize this choice, saying its a form of selective breeding to prevent ‘undesirable characteristics’ in children. However I personally, and I know many women feel the same, would only have an abortion if the child would be so disabled (and not just a minor disability) that they could not have any sort of life, or even worse, would die shortly after birth. If those were the circumstances, it surely makes more sense to abort the fetus to prevent its own physical suffering and the mothers emotional suffering when the child is lost. To me, that is morally correct as opposed to attempting to preserve a life that would be painful and short lived, and that would cause the mother to suffer. Many women also choose to have abortions because the pregnancy is a result of rape, and of course no woman would want their child to be fathered by a rapist. Young women are often a target for rape, meaning that if the rape did lead to pregnancy the woman is likely to be unable to provide for her child, and therefore abortion may be her only option as the child would have an incredibly poor quality of life. Pro life activists never seem to consider whether the child actually will have a decent life, and therefore in circumstances like these, abortion can be seen as the most ethical option.

Pro life activists do not always consider the quality of life of the child, and rarely ever consider the other life involved, the mother, which they would if they truly supported all lives. If a woman falls pregnant as a result of rape but does not have the option to abort the fetus, it will effectively ruin her life as she knows it. This does not mean that she will not love her child, however I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be knowing that your child’s father is a rapist, and how the mother’s life will have to be dedicated to a child who she may not be able to support, particularly as she is young, which will put her emotional health at risk. Plus the birth itself could risk the mothers physical health if she is young and undeveloped, so without abortion, the mothers  life could alter dramatically. Another  issue is that if the child was born with such a severe disability or illness that it would only survive for a short period of time, this would put an incredible amount of emotional stress on the mother, and it seems unnecessary to cause this much harm to a woman, just to preserve a short lived life that had a very low quality. Supporting life means supporting all lives, including the mothers, which has just as much value, if not more, than the undeveloped fetus.

As we all know, Trump wants to ban abortion in America. I think abortion should be legal everywhere and that no man has the right to dictate to a woman what she can do with her body and her life, however if Trump is so anti-abortion, surely the way to reduce them would be to educate against rape and to improve maternal health care. But as we all know, Trump is notoriously sexist and has no regard for consent (with his ‘grab them by the pussy’ quote) so although he is anti-abortion, he does not care about rape and the fact that it’s a cause for many abortions. He also wants to eradicate the policies set out by ObamaCare which include maternal benefits and reductions in cost to the health care process throughout the pregnancy, however without this support for pregnant woman, it is likely that more will consider an abortion, meaning that Trump’s desire to eradicate these policies make no sense considering he is so anti-abortion. All in all, it just illustrates not only what a sexist man he is, but how injust his policies are.

No one should be forced to have a child, particularly under circumtances that will negatively affect the mothers life or the childs life. And no man should tell a woman that she doesn’t have the right to an abortion, and then continue to promote rape culture and take away maternal health care. Women deserve a choice, and I have no doubt in my view that abortion should be legal and that every woman has the right to an abortion.


8 thoughts on “Why I’m pro choice

  1. You brought up such a good point: I do not understand how people claim to be pro-life but shame a woman who gets an abortion when carrying to full term would have killed her. If you don’t care about the woman’s life you can’t be pro-life!

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  2. I agree completely. Even the thought of the US banning abortion revolts me and scares me. I had to have a hysterectomy fairly young, so it’s not a personal issue but I feel solidarity with ALL women and I wouldn’t dream of telling any of them telling any of them what to do with their bodies!

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